EMS Physician Expertise

EMS*MD Solutions provides physician medical direction and consultative services.  Our services are provided by emergency physicians specializing in prehospital and out-of-hospital care.  We are fellowship trained in EMS.  We have extensive experience in prehospital care and medical direction.  Let our knowledge and experience work for you.

EMS Medical Support of Operations
The operational environment can be dangerous and demanding.  Our EMS physician specialists can review your rehabilitation practices and medical monitoring/treatment of personnel during intensive or prolonged operations.
Our EMS physicians can be contracted as supplemental on-scene assets for logistics medical support during prolonged or multi-alarm operations.
Our physicians may be contracted to supplement your medical action planning for mass gathering events.

EMS Physician Consultation

EMS Medical Direction & Physician Consultative Services 

  • EMS physician medical direction and physician course direction

  • Issue specific consultation and analysis

  • Collaborative communication at the outpatient-EMS-inpatient interface

  • Facilitate integration of the medical community with EMS system

  • Facilitate integration of EMS within the medical community

  • Site surveys and reviews

Benefitting patient care and systems of care:

  • EMS Agencies - Our EMS physicians can provide recommendations, direction and oversight regarding initial training and certification, continuing education, quality improvement, system performance analysis, emergency medical dispatch, and more.  Our knowledgeable EMS physicians can help facilitate integration of your EMS agency within the continuum of healthcare and the medical community.

  • Universities/Community Colleges/Educational Institutions - Our EMS physicians can assist with physician course direction.  Contributing to course design, curriculum development and delivery.

  • ​Health Care Systems & Hospitals - Our knowledgeable EMS physicians can help facilitate integration of your service lines within the existing EMS system.  This can help you meet your regulatory requirements for specialty center certification.


  • Community & Government Leaders - As a responsible steward of public resources our system review and analyses may help you advocate for efficient and effective EMS system design.  Be an informed consumer.

EMS*MD Solutions